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- High slip Casino Coating
- No design set upcharged
- Hologram sticker son Box lid
- No hidden charges
- Delivery to almost 40 countries.
- Custom printed tuck box for all orders
Playing cards


Custom Playing cards
Personalized Playing Cards

Our Cards Game Designing Process

While we can accept art in virtually any format, our preferred formats are:
Adobe Illustrator .ai, .pdf or .eps
Corel Draw .cdr
Adobe Photoshop .psd
Raster (bitmap) Images- 300+ dpi at print size
Text Documents .doc, .txt, .rtf etc.
Special notes about formatting:
For Vector formats such as illustrator, please outline all text (convert to curves)
For all formats, embed all placed/linked images
For Photoshop images, please leave ALL working layers intact (do not flatten art).
For compressed bitmap images (such as jpg) please choose maximum quality (minimum compression) for best results.
Please do all artwork in CMYK color mode. While RGB format art will look brighter on your monitor, all printing is done CMYK and RGB will give you a more inaccurate representation of the final product. When in doubt, printing on an inkjet printer will give you a fairly accurate representation of final output
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