- High slip Casino Coating
- No design set upcharged
- Hologram sticker son Box lid
- No hidden charges
- Delivery to almost 40 countries.
- Custom printed tuck box for all orders
Playing cards
Playing cards
Playing cards
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Custom Playing Cards
Call us for your card game printing requirements. We can make your card games to perfection. When it comes to reliability, there is simply no competition.......
Here are a few steps that we can customize as per your requirements:-
  • number of cards per deck
  • custom card size
  • white border or full bleed arts
  • choice of using spot colors
  • custom printed card backs
  • custom printed card fronts
  • your choice of card stock
  • your choice of coatings
  • your choice of coatings
  • custom printed tuck boxes
  • custom printed display boxes
  • air shipping or sea shipping options
Custom Playing Cards
Just let us know what you need and we shall do the rest...........

Card Game Printing is our specialty. Trust us with your card games. We specialize in production of card games as per customer requirements. Any type of customization required, shall be done to perfection. We can create the card decks for you as per your specifications. We know that each customer shall have a game that shall be totally different from the other. We have the expertise and the know how to complete your job to perfection. Every aspect of production is taken care of in a very systematic manner. All details of the project shall be discussed with you by our design and production team before the job goes to press. We handle card games with varied requirements every day. Most of the games have different number of cards per game. We have special sheet stocks to handle any number of cards per game. We can provide the best solution for the cards, boxes and packaging options to showcase your products.

Provide us with your game specifications. We can handle your artworks with ease. You can provide the arts in MAC or PC platform in any of the popular printable formats. Our production team is at your service on all working days.

Personalized playing cards
Game Cards and Card Game with your art works-free design setup with up to 4 colors on both sides for no additionalcharges.
Game card and card games shall be custom printed to your specifications at no additional charges. All we need is your art files. All design placing, set up, print films etc are free of charge. No additional plate-prep charges. Minimum quantities start at 2160 decks. You can take from a standard card size that is always in print production to a custom size according to requirements. We can make a card game with any number of game cards and go up to 1000 cards or even more. We have the expertise to adapt and manufacture to your requirements. Standard card stocks used are 14 PT C2S German board. However, any special requirements for 225 up to 450 gsm card stocks can be easily worked upon. Any card game project with any type of cutting and collating requirements can be undertaken as pre specifications

Our automatic cutting/collating plant can gather from 10 cards for a card game to up to 1000 cards for a card set for board games. All card game sets shall be automatically cello wrapped to specifications for further packing into tuck boxes or to your board games. Our production capacities enable us to offer different packaging options. From a standard tuck box, to twin deck tuck boxes, to triple deck options in paper and plastic. You can take the cards in a telescopic box. Accessories like the inserts, cavities, instruction sheets, booklets, stickers and counters etc are all manufactured in-house.
Custom Playing cards class=
Different shapes and sizes are available with us. You can take your card game to the next level with custom shapes and sizes. you may take a shape or size that we already have or go for an all together new shape. We have done card decks for many clients with customization on the card size. Below are a few samples for you to check. Our cutting collating plant is equipped to put your cards above the rest. A Triangle, a Circle, a heart shape or an Oval shape for the cards will appeal to a certain group of players. Ask us for a special shape and we shall do that for you. With the production facility available with us and the latest printing setup, it’s all a matter of time that we create your concept into reality.

We have been making games with 25/30/40/48/50 and even up to 1000 cards per set for games that need higher number required per deck.
Custom Playing Cards
We can make any special card size you need. below are a few sizes almost always in production:
  • 69.85 mm x 69.85 mm
  • 57.15 mm x 88.9 mm
  • 63.5 mm x 88.9 mm
  • 70 mm x 99 mm
  • 69.85 mm x 120.65 mm
  • 81.28 mm x 127 mm
  • 101.6 mm x 101.6 mm
  • 92 mm x 134 mm
  • Oval shape size 63.5 mm x 88.9 mm
  • Oval shape size 40 mm x 130 mm
  • 127 mm x 127 mm
Custom Playing Cards
We can also make special shapes as per requirements. This can be

................. cards in the shape of a triangle.
................. cards in the shape of an apple.
................. cards in the shape of a circle.
................. cards in the shape of a square.
................. cards in the shape of a hexagon.
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