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- High slip Casino Coating
- No design set upcharged
- Hologram sticker son Box lid
- No hidden charges
- Delivery to almost 40 countries.
- Custom printed tuck box for all orders
Playing cards
Playing Cards
Playing Cards
Custom Playing Cards
Custom Playing Cards
Custom Playing Cards
Playing Cards
Playing Cards
Playing Cards


Custom Playing cards
Personalized Playing Cards
Personalized playing cards and promotional playing cards have been aggressively used by brand managers to get the eyeballs on their logos, products, services etc. We have made quantities as low as 2000 personalized playing card decks to as many as a million decks (even more) for a promotion. Almost every industry that sells a product can use this as a very effective promotional tool. From airlines making cards for the passengers, with the airline logo, liquor companies depicting the brands on the playing cards, hotels industry showing different room pictures on the playing card fronts, to the pharmaceutical companies making playing cards as giveaway to the doctors through their sales reps....we have made them all. And the low cost involved in popularizing your products and services through personalized playing cards as medium has also been effectively utilized by the small businesses as well. We have made promotional playing card decks for groceries, general stores, dry-clean shops, draperies and departmental stores to name a few. It's quite cost effective and gets the eyeballs on your product. People love to play with cards and you will find your deck with them for a long time. Every house has a deck of cards and putting your brand on a personalized playing card deck will help popularize your product.
Playing Cards
  • Create Any Design in Color.
  • You can Customize Both Sides of Your Cards !
  • We Offer Complimentary Graphic Art services at no additional charge.
  • CPSIA certified. Lead content and Phthalate content very low and much below the permissible values.
  • Superior Quality European Playing Card Stocks.
  • All cards are Coated with Our Proprietary High Quality Plastic Playing Card Coating.
  • All decks come in a captive tuck box with cello wrapping.
  • International shipments packed into export worthy 7- ply corrugated shipper cartons.
Playing Cards
Art Work Requirements Specifications For New Order
New Art Work request must Include
All Pantone color Codes, font type (Postscript & Screen) inside a fonts folder.
Programs Accepted: Macintosh preferred, PC accepted.
Not Preferred: Microsoft Word,
Artworks: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe IIustrator , Macromedia Freehand, Corel Draw.
Not Preferred: PowerPoint, Microsoft Publisher. Page Layout: Adobe IIustrator, Quark Xpress, PageMaker, & Macromedia Freehand.
Artwork on Disk or uploaded to FTP: Preferred Format: TIFF, TIFF LZW DFLS &EPS.
Not Preferred: JPEG, GIF, RGB, LAB Color, Index Color, Window Meta Files.
Preferred Fonts: Type1screen and Printer Fonts, Bit stream Adobe.
Resolution: should be 300 dpi for continuous tone and 1200 dpi for Bitmap.
Types of disks Accepted: CD, DVD.
Send Artwork Via: Prefer to get files uploaded to FTP or you can send using or
Artworks proofs: Usually Available for Electronic approval via email / Fax, within 2 business days.

Playing Cards
"Promotional playing cards" can be made with your design and art work requirements. Playing card fronts can have your designs and the playing card backs can be printed to your specifications. Your choice of colors. Even your choice of cards per deck if you need insertion. Tuck box shall also be personalized as per your design and specifications. Again, 14 PT C2S German playing card stock is standard for all the personalized playing card decks. We will print any number of decks above 2000 to your exact specifications and artwork requirements. Even the card size and the shape of these playing cards can be altered as per your requirements. The fronts can have 13 different designs or all 54 if required. You can place normal pips or colorful pictures on the fronts at no additional charge.

Cards have been used by multinationals to show their products and services in detail. Our clients say that they find this a great way to promote their services in a way that really works.
  • They are a convenient size that fits in a hand, back pocket or jacket pocket.
  • They are unique and different, which gets them noticed more and always realises an interesting comment from the receiver.
  • Above all they are memorable. Clients always comment on the cards they have received in the past and best of all they still have them. Playing cards help you go beyond the brochure because everyone has a pack of playing cards somewhere. If they receive a new pack they are not going to throw them away.
Playing Cards
Use them for an ongoing promotion. It's the answer to How to tempt customers into buying more of your products. You will find decks inside cartons of liquor bottles. You will find them inside crates of juices. You will find them coming with pizza boxes.
Custom Playing Cards
We use European playing card stocks for all playing cards. Most of the cards are printed on gloss coated card stocks. You may take matt finish or low gloss to very high gloss with our propriety easy slip finish. Here you can choose between matt finish with very dull gloss aqueous coating to medium gloss aqueous coating that is used on casino decks to high gloss done through UV coating process. All cards shall have our propriety high slip for easy flow of cards in hand.
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